Flash® Tubing

Flash® Bainite Processing leads to “Maximum Strength Steel” with unmatched bend-ability and toughness.


Flash® Processing can be performed on a variety of standard cross sections as well as custom profiles. Repeated testing has found that Flash® 1500 and 1800 tubing can be bent, without a mandrel, to the same radii, as the untreated tubing it is made from.


Flash® Product Yield MPa Ultimate MPa Made From
Flash® 1500 1200 1500 AISI-1020
Flash® 1800 1400 1800 AISI-4130




Structural Steel… customers report the same or better performance using stronger but thinner wall Flash® than previously used steels. More than 30% weight reduction and cost savings - with same or better performance - are typical.


Hydro-Forming… Flash 1500 tubing can be hydroformed to shapes requiring 1T localized bends without cracking. While the general hydroform sweep of the tube must be held to the general sweeps of conventional AHSS, forming of the cross section itself can be taken to complicated shapes never before possible in AHSS.


Material Thickness Total Elongation
1.0mm 5.5%
1.2mm 6.5%
2.0mm 8.0%
3.0mm 9.0%


Weldability of Flash® Tubing is similar to the untreated steel it is made from. Thus, Flash® 1500 welds similar to AISI 1020 and Flash® 1800 welds like AISI 4130.

Flash Tubing - Flash Bainite - shapes


Shape Max Cross Section Wall Thickness
Round / Oval 63mm Diameter 0.5 to 3mm
Square / Rectangle 63mm x 63mm 0.5 to 3mm
Non-Uniform Up to 200mm linear profile 1.0 to 3mm


Now accepting orders for Flash Bainite Tubing on a made to order basis. Pricing available upon request. Contact us today!