Flash Bainite featured in The Journal of the American Institute of Architects

Flash Bainite was featured in the Journal of the American Institute of Architects.  "since a vehicle's mass correlates directly to its fuel consumption, the flash-processed steel, with the estimated ability to increase fuel efficiency in a vehicle by 6 percent to 8 percent by reducing 10 percent of its weight, is critical to achieving Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards." (Brownell, 2017).  

Cola explained the next steps for Flash moving into the building industry.  "The high-dent- and penetration-resistance of flash-processed steel may also be of particular interest in high-abuse or high-risk settings, such as in hurricane-prone areas" (Brownell, 2017).  Flash rebar shows early promise for architectural applications.  "For example, Flash rebar reinforced concrete pillars could lead to smaller columns and increased square footage to lease, thus increasing the value of the building while lowering the initial build cost." (Brownell, 2017). 

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Flash Visits Congress and Debbie Stabenow

Flash visits congress and stops by Senator Debbie Stabenow's office to show her staff how Flash Armor technology can make Automotive parts lighter, stronger, safer, and less expensive. Click the article to see the image!

SES Partners with Flash to Build World's First Coil-to-Coil Production Line

SFP Works LLC, the inventors of Flash® Bainite, have selected SES® LLC to build the first Coil-to-Coil Flash® Processing Line. This compact line will Flash® Process common steel grades like AISI1020 to increase tensile strength up to 230KSI (1600MPa). Sponsored by a US Department of Energy SBIR Phase 3 Grant, the patented thermal cycle was developed initially with single sheets and requires less than 10 seconds to make the World's strongest cold stampable steel. Dozens of Auto OEM geometries have been cold stamped, often to less than one (r/t) bends, folding almost like a sheet of paper. Mass reductions exceeding 50% have been proven over current stamped parts in Auto OEM test facilities. SES® was chosen due to their experience with building Process lines and with dealing with new AHSS. The first SES® Flash® line will be capable of processing 48" x 0.070". The future holds high volume production of 0.250" Flash® Armor, already proven in US Army testing to outperform titanium, and all other steel armors. The line will be commissioned in early 2018.

T.C. Graham Top Three Finalists

Flash Bainite is one of the top three finalists for the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) T.C. Graham Prize Finalists. "The T.C. Graham Prize recognizes innovative applications for steel that may lead to the development of new markets." (AIST, 2017). To read more about the contest click https://www.aist.org/AIST/aist/AIST/About%20AIST/PDFs/Release_2017_TC_Graham_Prize_Finalists_FINAL.pdf

Flash Bainite speaking at Heat Treat 2017

Flash Bainite will be presenting at the ASM Heat Treating Society Conference and Expo on October 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2017. Gary Cola will be presenting updated information on Flash Bainite technologies. Progress on multiple DOE grants will be included at the presentation.

Flash attending 2017 AMO Peer Review June 13-14

Flash Bainite attending 2017 Advanced Manufacturing Office Peer Review June 13-14, 2017. The preliminary agenda shows participants that are all major players in America's research projects. Flash Bainite is proud to be apart of this group. Click the article to view the picture.

Flash issues Automation Alley Press Release

In light of the DOE-AMO article on Flash Bainite, Flash issued a press release with Automation Alley. "With widespread use of Flash-processed steels, the U.S. automotive industry could save over 100 pounds of vehicle weight per car at reduced cost." https://members.automationalley.com/news/details/doe-says-flash-reduces-100-lbs-and-cost-05-08-2017

DOE says Flash Reduces Weight and Cost

According to a US Dept of Energy authored article: With widespread use of Flash-processed steels, the U.S. automotive industry could save over 100 pounds of vehicle weight per car at a reduced cost. The potential of Flash-Processed steels goes beyond the auto industry, however, with applications in agricultural machines and heavy equipment, rail, ships and defense systems with performance improvements, lower cost and lifetime energy savings possible in each application area. Flash processing of common steel is a promising manufacturing technology that can be used to produce high-strength, cold-stampable automotive steel for safer, lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles. (Forrest, Miller, Babu, Shassere, & Cola Jr, 2017). Read the full article here: http://www.industrialheating.com/articles/93495-flash-processing-for-high-strength-cold-stampable-automotive-steel

Flash Bainite Supports Lawrence Technological University Baja Team

Flash Bainite attended The Lawrence Technological University Baja Team’s vehicle unveiling. The frame of the vehicle had an approximate 30% mass reduction due to the ability to use stronger, thinner Flash Bainite tubing. Flash Bainite has been a supporter of the LTU Baja Team for 9 years now. Flash Bainite owner, Gary Cola, is an LTU alumni and plans to cheer on the LTU Baja Team for years to come.

White House Ceremony Honors Flash Bainite with 2016 Tibbetts Award

At a White House Ceremony, Flash Bainite was honored with the 2016 Tibbetts Award. Small Business Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet stated "Today we celebrate and honor the important technological advances pioneered by these small high-tech firms - from breakthroughs in additive manufacturing to genomic research to novel cancer therapeutics. These innovators are creating jobs and building new industries while helping to address many of the nation's most pressing challenges." (SBA, 2016). Flash Bainite is an innovative company that will help shape the future of the steel industry.

Flash Bainite mentioned in DOE AMO Blog

Flash Bainite was mentioned in the Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing blog. A link to the blog can be found at: http://energy.gov/eere/amo/articles/innovating-foundational-industries-steel. While the DOE sponsors many projects, Flash Bainite was selected to be in the first blog post. The excerpt about Flash Bainite reads...

Flash Bainite Accepts Create the Future 2016 Design Award

On Friday, November 11th 2016 Gary Cola formally accepted Flash Bainite’s award for the Create the Future Design Contest. Flash Bainite won 1st place in the Aerospace & Defense sector of the Create the Future Design Contest 2016. Below is a picture of the formal award received in Manhattan, New York. Even more interesting is that other award winners were asking how they could incorporate Flash Bainite in their designs to make them even better.

Flash Bainite mentioned in "The Science of Armour Materials, 1st Edition" edited by Ian Crouch

We were pleased to find out that Flash Bainite is growing its positive reputation. Flash Bainite was mentioned in "The Science of Armour Materials, 1st Edition” edited by Ian Crouch and available from Woodhead Publishing. According to Crouch, “Work conducted in the US showed that flash bainitic armour (FBA) is superior to RHA and conventional HHA”. Note that RHA (rolled homogeneous armor) and HHA (high hard armor) make up almost all of the steel armour grades used to build protective vehicles. Attached is a pdf version of the pages 100-102 about Flash Bainite.

Flash Issues Automation Alley Press Relase

In light of the approval of Flash Bainite's second Canadian patent, Flash issued an Automation Alley Press Release. Read more at http://www.automationalley.com/News/PressReleases/Release-Detail.aspx?releaseid=25678

DOE-AMO's Dr. Mark Johnson Visits Flash Bainite Facility

US Department of Energy's Advanced Manufacturing Office Director Dr. Mark Johnson visited Flash Bainite on Friday, October 7th 2016. “AMO is focused on creating a fertile innovation environment for advanced manufacturing, enabling vigorous domestic development of new energy-efficient manufacturing processes and materials technologies to reduce the energy intensity and life-cycle energy consumption of manufactured products.” (Energy.gov, 2016). DOE-AMO has provided significant funding to the Flash Bainite project through the small business innovative research grants. Below is Dr. Mark Johnson reviewing the initial equipment for Flash Bainite that made 3” wide samples. The second picture shows Dr. Johnson meeting the Flash Bainite team for a demonstration of the technology on 24” wide steel sheet. From left to right: Joe Allmacher, Gary Cola, Dr. Mark Johnson, Jeff Ziolkowski, and Ken Ziolkowski.

Flash Bainite Issued Second Canadian Patent

Flash Bainite is pleased to announce the issuance of its second Canadian patent. Along with many other patents issued, this patent continues to affirm the validity of the revolutionary Flash Bainite technology. This patent focuses on equipment variations and further methods to apply the Flash thermal cycle to make automotive parts stronger than titanium, lighter than aluminum, and lower cost than high strength steel.
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