Flash Bainite Supports Lawrence Technological University Baja Team

Flash Bainite attended The Lawrence Technological University Baja Team’s vehicle unveiling.  The frame of the vehicle had an approximate 30% mass reduction due to the ability to use stronger, thinner Flash Bainite tubing.  Flash Bainite has been a supporter of the LTU Baja Team for 9 years now.  Flash Bainite owner, Gary Cola, is an LTU alumni and plans to cheer on the LTU Baja Team for years to come. 

White House Ceremony Honors Flash Bainite with 2016 Tibbetts Award

At a White House Ceremony, Flash Bainite was honored with the 2016 Tibbetts Award. Small Business Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet stated "Today we celebrate and honor the important technological advances pioneered by these small high-tech firms - from breakthroughs in additive manufacturing to genomic research to novel cancer therapeutics. These innovators are creating jobs and building new industries while helping to address many of the nation's most pressing challenges." (SBA, 2016). Flash Bainite is an innovative company that will help shape the future of the steel industry.

Flash Bainite mentioned in DOE AMO Blog

Flash Bainite was mentioned in the Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing blog. A link to the blog can be found at: http://energy.gov/eere/amo/articles/innovating-foundational-industries-steel. While the DOE sponsors many projects, Flash Bainite was selected to be in the first blog post. The excerpt about Flash Bainite reads...

Flash Bainite Accepts Create the Future 2016 Design Award

On Friday, November 11th 2016 Gary Cola formally accepted Flash Bainite’s award for the Create the Future Design Contest. Flash Bainite won 1st place in the Aerospace & Defense sector of the Create the Future Design Contest 2016. Below is a picture of the formal award received in Manhattan, New York. Even more interesting is that other award winners were asking how they could incorporate Flash Bainite in their designs to make them even better.

Flash Bainite mentioned in "The Science of Armour Materials, 1st Edition" edited by Ian Crouch

We were pleased to find out that Flash Bainite is growing its positive reputation. Flash Bainite was mentioned in "The Science of Armour Materials, 1st Edition” edited by Ian Crouch and available from Woodhead Publishing. According to Crouch, “Work conducted in the US showed that flash bainitic armour (FBA) is superior to RHA and conventional HHA”. Note that RHA (rolled homogeneous armor) and HHA (high hard armor) make up almost all of the steel armour grades used to build protective vehicles. Attached is a pdf version of the pages 100-102 about Flash Bainite.

Flash Issues Automation Alley Press Relase

In light of the approval of Flash Bainite's second Canadian patent, Flash issued an Automation Alley Press Release. Read more at http://www.automationalley.com/News/PressReleases/Release-Detail.aspx?releaseid=25678

DOE-AMO's Dr. Mark Johnson Visits Flash Bainite Facility

US Department of Energy's Advanced Manufacturing Office Director Dr. Mark Johnson visited Flash Bainite on Friday, October 7th 2016. “AMO is focused on creating a fertile innovation environment for advanced manufacturing, enabling vigorous domestic development of new energy-efficient manufacturing processes and materials technologies to reduce the energy intensity and life-cycle energy consumption of manufactured products.” (Energy.gov, 2016). DOE-AMO has provided significant funding to the Flash Bainite project through the small business innovative research grants. Below is Dr. Mark Johnson reviewing the initial equipment for Flash Bainite that made 3” wide samples. The second picture shows Dr. Johnson meeting the Flash Bainite team for a demonstration of the technology on 24” wide steel sheet. From left to right: Joe Allmacher, Gary Cola, Dr. Mark Johnson, Jeff Ziolkowski, and Ken Ziolkowski.

Flash Bainite Issued Second Canadian Patent

Flash Bainite is pleased to announce the issuance of its second Canadian patent. Along with many other patents issued, this patent continues to affirm the validity of the revolutionary Flash Bainite technology. This patent focuses on equipment variations and further methods to apply the Flash thermal cycle to make automotive parts stronger than titanium, lighter than aluminum, and lower cost than high strength steel.

Flash Bainite won 1st Place in the Create the Future Design Contest 2016

Flash Bainite won 1st Place in the Create the Future Design Contest 2016 in the Aerospace & Defense sector. Flash Bainite is a patented technology that creates maximum strength steel that is stronger than titanium, lighter than aluminum, and less costly to use than high strength steel. Click the article to see the associated link and pdf.

Flash Presenting at IABC Dearborn

Gary Cola presented improvements and updates to the Flash Bainite process Thursday, September 29th 2016 at the International Auto Body Conference in Dearborn, Michigan. The world's first 1800mpa room temperature stamp able and readily weldable steel will be shown. Flash 1800 is stronger than titanium, lighter than aluminum and lower cost than high strength steel. He presented at 10am.

Flash Bainite Baja Vehicle

See the 8th Baja Vehicle with Flash Bainite 1" tubing in action! The vehicle survived the crash with ease. How's that for a roof crush test?

Flash Bainite Edger Blade

A Flash Bainite Edger Blade, for trimming against the concrete sidewalk, has lasted 5x longer and only showed half the wear when compared to a standard blade from the local landscape supply company. Click the article to see the image!

Vote for Flash Bainite in the Create the Future Design Contest

*Voting has ended. Flash Bainite is part of the Create the Future Design Contest and eligible to win $20,000. Voting for Flash Banite in the Create the Future Design Contest only takes a minute and voting only occurs once. To register to vote click this link: http://contest.techbriefs.com/how-to-vote Once you are registered to vote go to this link: http://contest.techbriefs.com/2016/entries/aerospace-and-defense/7094-0630-154039-flash-bainite-high-performance-armor The voting button is below the video.

Flash Bainite Attended the DOE AMO Peer Review 2016

Flash Bainite attended the Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office Peer Review June 14-15 in Arlington, VA. The Peer Review was excellent for networking and bolstering the Flash technology. It was exciting to see all the current activities that DOE is funding in clean water, energy conservation, and advanced technologies. From our perspective, Flash Bainite remains the only technology capable of significantly reducing metal part weight, improving performance, and most important to Industry, saving money.

Continue voting for Flash Bainite in the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest

Voting comes to a close on June 13th, 2016 for the FedEx Small Business Grant Contest. Please continue voting for Flash Bainite either through the link on our homepage or click on the link below. Share the link with your friends and vote daily! Thank you! http://smallbusinessgrant.fedex.com/Gallery/Detail/c31e632c-4707-468e-8ede-b58d75645f5e

Flash Featured in Sir Harry Bhadeshia's Keynote Speech at the 23rd IFHTSE Congress

Flash Bainite was featured in Sir Harry Bhadeshia’s “Very Short and Very Long Treatments in the Processing of Steels” keynote speech at the 23rd IFHTSE Congress in Savannah, Georgia. Professor Bhadeshia is the globally recognized leader in steel who has been supportive of the novel Flash Bainite technology since its debut. His publications and students at Cambridge University have been inspirational in the Flash Bainite team’s journey of discovery. With Flash Bainite discussed from 11:44-17:08, Professor Bhadeshia’s full presentation can be seen at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Y29XRV2aDc&feature=youtu.be

Flash Bainite at Clean Equity Monaco

Flash Bainite was selected by His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco & Mungo Park, Chairman of Innovator Capital as one of 25+ promising emerging technologies. Flash Bainite attended CleanEquity™ Monaco hosted by Capital Innovator on March 3rd and 4th, 2016. Gary Cola explained how to rapidly deploy Flash Bainite technology. The Flash® Bainite technology produces an extraordinarily high strength steel that is ductile, readily weldable and significantly less expensive than the competition. Flash® Processed steel is proven to provide weight reductions greater than 25%, simultaneous cost reductions and improved performance in automotive structure. Automotive manufacturers, and others, want it. Flash is in the process of transitioning from R&D to early stage commercialization with a strategic focus on licensing. The company is seeking deployment teammates (primary) and financial support (secondary) to build and operate larger capacity demonstrator lines that will enhance its license offering. “CleanEquity™ is a private conference, which features up to 30 of the world’s best in class next generation technology companies.” (CleanEquity ™ Monaco 2016).
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