License the Flash®  Technology

Our Strategy – License the Flash®  Technology

We are a small enterprise and the market space for Flash® processed steel is very, very large. We are focused upon licensing to firms already in the market space so they can deliver better products to their customers and, simultaneously, increase their margin and improve market position.


Deployable Today – While Still Maturing

The Flash® technology is ready and available today for potential licensees with a known product application.  Deployment would require engaging your preferred vendor for installation of a suitable inductionheat, quenchcool line.

While specific product applications are deployable today, we readily admit that the manufacturability maturity level for Flash®  across numerous application areas is relatively low. We are affiliated with various public or publicprivate organizations and working now to mature and broaden our manufacturability knowledge base for Flash®.


Market Demand Exists - Will Grow Significantly

We are currently working with automotive OEMs to evaluate Flash® for approval as a preferred material in their supply chain...the progress is very encouraging. One recently stated, “We’re convinced Flash® processed steel will be a major part of our vehicles in five years, the only question is whether we allow it to mature on its own or speed it up by forcing it upon our suppliers.” After evaluating structural parts made from Flash®  coldstamped versus current hotstamped, another asked, “When can we start buying this from our suppliers?”


Teammates / Partners


Commercializing the Flash® Processing technology is a major undertaking and, as a small enterprise, we know we cannot do it alone...we need Teammates/Partners to make this happen. We stand ready to discuss teaming with anyone currently in the market space who wants to secure a preferred position and help us commercialize the Flash® Processing technology. We are especially interested in discussions with persons who grasp the importance of, and the opportunities in, a technology that fundamentally changes the supply chain for creating and marketing Advanced High Strength Steel parts and products.