Intellectual Property Insurance

IPISC - Flash Bainite - ipcIPISC, the industry leader in Intellectual Property Insurance, has been in the business of managing risk and protecting the value of client’s IP assets for over 23 years. We have developed products that use advanced strategies to become market leaders in the dynamic field of IP insurance. We are committed to providing our clients with top-notch underwriting and client services.

IPISC has the insurance solutions designed solely to protect a company’s most valuable assets… intellectual property. IP lawsuits are among the most expensive events that can affect a company. The average patent lawsuit costs each side approximately $2.5 million in legal fees and expenses to litigate through trial, not including damages and/or settlements. IPISC’s intellectual property infringement insurance is the most logical and economical choice that a company can make to ensure that the means are available to fund the high cost and consequences of an IP infringement case.

Without IPISC’s risk management products, many companies would not be able to afford to protect their IP, which could lead to business failure or acceptance of onerous licensing agreement terms at great detriment to long-term profitability. For more information regarding these products and services, please click