What is Flash®


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It is a PROCESS.


Flash®  is a patented process for heattreating steel that yields the Strongest, Most Ductile, Lean Alloyed, Readily Weldable, Least Costly Maximum Strength METAL known to man. A50 tensile ranges from 1100 to 2080MPa (160-302ksi) while total elongation up to 10-11% is not uncommon. Flash 500 at 1900MPa and 10% elongation exceeds titanium-6Al-4V's strength to weight ratio making it pound per pound stronger at only 56% the volume. Flash 500 is 10% the cost of Ti-64.




What Is Flash Bainite - Advanced High Strength Steel Michigan, Ohio, Indiana - Maximum_Strength_in_Steel

Start with Commercial, Off the Shelf Steels like AISI1010, 1020, or 4130


Flash®  from AISI1020 is 1500MPa, forms comparable to DP1000 but, because of its higher strength, less material is needed so the product/part weighs less. "Off the shelf" sheet, plate, and tubing can be made into Flash®. Triple the strength of Chrome Moly, Flash 4140 is pound for pound 2X stronger than 6061-T6 aluminum. If you are "lightweighting" structure with aluminum, Flash®  is a lower weight, lower cost, and more familiar solution for industry.





What Is Flash Bainite - Advanced High Strength Steel Michigan, Ohio, Indiana - Extreme_Thermal_Cycling_page

It Takes Just a Few Seconds using Common Industrial Equipment


Using industrial Induction-Heat and Water-Quench equipment configured and tuned for Flash® processing parameters, the steel is rapidly heated (2-3 seconds) to temperatures of about 1070C to 1200C. Within a few seconds, the heated steel is quenched with a water spray or bath.

By limiting heating time, the natural heterogeneity of the steel is preserved to create a highly complex, multi-phase, multi-chemistry steel that combines the ductility of bainite and the strength of martensite.


Flash® Processed Steel


Environmentally friendly, this process consumes less than a half Kwatt of energy per Kg of steel processed (less than a penny/pound). Water is used instead of polluting oils or molten salt. With 7 years of research, Ohio State University has determined the alloy mechanism that allows Bainite to be transformed in about 80ms. Many of the world's leading metallurgists have reviewed Flash Processing and fully agree. Flash Processing is unique technology to make lean alloyed steel stronger and more ductile than ever before.