An SBIR Phase III Mandate Technology
Flash® Bainite awarded SBIR Phase III status to receive "sole source, non-competitive" Federal and Prime Contractor funding. All future contracts for "research, development, or production of a technology developed by an SBIR Phase III awardee" that "derives from, extends, or completes efforts made under prior funding agreements under the SBIR program" will and "must to the greatest extent practicable" go to "the one that developed the SBIR technology."


Flash has 1500 to 2100 MPa ultimate strength at 0.20 to 0.40%wt carbon. Why don't other AHS Steels just add carbon to match the strength of Flash?


Other AHSS becomes brittle as their strength increases so Steel Mills add expensive alloying instead of carbon. Flash possesses a unique microstructure that enables more carbon to increase strength without becoming brittle.