What Does Flash® cost?


Products made from Flash® processed steel


Cost - Flash Bainite - cost_savingsThere are many variables in any cost comparison but we consistently find that parts made from Flash® cost significantly less than competing materials. Not only are the input materials less costly and the processing inexpensive, but the increased strength often allows for less material which not only lightens the load, but also further decreases the cost per unit sold. In recent comparisons performed for major automotive OEM, we find that 20%30% weight savings are common and, often, a 50% cost reduction is achieved.





Input Materials


Cost - Flash Bainite - 2014-12_Wholesale_MarketThe only input material is unprocessed steel and the Flash®  technology can be applied to various grades to achieve different results. Some of the grades we frequently use are:



Processing Costs

Again, there are several variables but we consistently find that processing costs are less than $0.15/pound of processed steel ... significantly less. This includes: electricity, labor, maintenance and amortization of equipment as well as license royalty.



Startup Costs


There are two primary cost elements for starting a Flash®  processing operation ... an authorizing license and a suitable facility with the right equipment. Although we do not provide facilities or sell processing equipment, there are several highly regarded and reputable firms that do so worldwide and we are happy to refer you to some that work with Flash®  on a regular basis.


Cost - Flash Bainite - Cost_Chart_FINALStandard industrial inductionheat & quenchcool equipment is the core for Flash® processing... it is then operated with nontraditional setting and parameters. The cost of a processing line will vary depending upon two primary variables ... the intended output and the desired degree of automated material handling. Some examples of startup equipment cost estimates follow: