The Flash® Process


Our unique system will forever change the way you do business. It has been theorized for over thirty years that ordinary steel could reach a level of strength and hardness that has yet to be seen-- until now. We’ve developed a revolutionary thermal processing cycle that is capable of strengthening the steel to levels previously only dreamed of. Not only that, but our system produces a lighter-weight steel with exceptional workability.

Flash Bainite Advanced High Strength Steel Michigan - bpillar

The Flash® system produces the highest overall performing and readily weldable structural metal ever created. It’s lightweight, durable, and has an optimal microstructure. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve had our steel tested by some of the most reputable labs around the country.

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Not only can our process create the highest performing steel available, but the Flash® system can be directly integrated into many manufacturing processes. This cost-effective solution for strengthening steel is turning the steel industry on its head. With our patented system, even the smallest production shop can produce steel that previously required the capabilities of a five-hundred million dollar enterprise, all for tiny a fraction of the cost. Our system will also allow you to harden your steel after it has been roll formed, preserving its structural integrity and producing a superior product.


With superior weldability, lighter weight, improved workability, and strength levels never before seen, Flash®  is truly the future of steel. Learn more about how you can integrate our revolutionary new system into your manufacturing process and forever change the way you do business.



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Flash Bainite Advanced High Strength Steel Michigan - tube1The Flash® tube processing line is a simple and reconfigurable line to produce Flash processed tubes in varied sizes and profiles for experimental applications of all sorts. It uses standard industrial induction heating followed quickly by quenching in a waterbath. The essence of the patented Flash Bainite process is that we rapidly heat to a higher temperature than traditionally used and quickly quench back to ambient temperature. The result is a steel that is extremely strong, hard and tough, yet ductile, formable and readily weldable.